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Damian Taylor

Damian Taylor
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Catch-a-Mole is a dedicated service for the control of moles in any domestic and commercial garden or outside space using only traditional methods, no chemicals, no smoke and only humane traps and is owned and operated by Damian Taylor, a hard working and detail-orientated gardener with 20 plus years of extensive experience maintaining gardens, undertaking various landscape operations, managing and co-ordinating other workers, and providing beneficial advice to clients. Damian experienced first hand, the destruction that mole infestations can do to garden lawns, leisure facilities and agricultural fields. They also dig up grazing space, contaminate silage and spread disease.


With a keen interest in pest control, in particular mole trapping, Damian’s’ interest in this grew, He sourced the best mole trapper in the business and was trained by none-other than the ‘Lady Mole Catcher’ herself, Louise Chapman, Director of the British Mole Catchers Register (BMCR) and he is proud to be an accredited member of BMCR.


Damian is based in Darwen, Lancashire alongside his wife and children. He was educated at the local high school and from there went on to follow in his father’s footsteps of running a business within the gardening industry. Damian will provide a competitive quote, honest advice and work hard to get rid of any problem moles.

For an initial consultation or to arrange a site visit please do not hesitate to get in touch with Damian:
t: 07958 921017 e:

Where is Catch-a-Mole based and service area?

Catch-a-Mole is based in Darwen, Lancashire BB3

Damian will be happy to work all over Lancashire, North Yorkshire and further afield, if required.
Travel within a 25 mile radius of BB3 will be free.

For an initial consultation or to arrange a site visit please do not hesitate to get in touch with Damian for a quick response:
t : 07958 921017

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Fully Accredited
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Who does Catch-a-Mole work with?

Catch-a-Mole controls moles in all situations and environments with competitive rates using traditional methods for domestic and commercial clients:

For an initial consultation or to arrange a site visit please do not hesitate to get in touch with Damian for a quick response:
t : 07958 921017

Job Done!

“ Made a call to Damian regarding a problem with Molehills. He arrived on site the following day and went about the task of putting down traps to ensure no further damage was done to the property. Lots of questions were asked regarding the little orange flags he placed in the areas that he had placed the traps. On returning a few days later the culprit was removed. ”

Thwaites Brewery – Lancashire